project: snapchat discover channel

role: lead designer

about: i conceptualized and pitched the art direction for the channel pre-launch and oversaw the design execution over the course of the season. all in all our team cranked out around 1,500+ original content pieces.

~ 1 million unique views per day

~ 15 pieces of content per day (articles, videos, GIFs) / 5 days a week

In 2015, NFL content reached 31 million unique U.S. viewers, according to Snapchat. For the 2016-17 season, the league launched the dedicated daily channel, with specially crafted articles and videos, and it hosted live stories around every game, leading to the 35% jump in viewership.

The 42 million unique viewers this year represented a big portion of Snapchat's U.S. user base, which was 61.7 million in 2016, according to eMarketer.

The NFL also is a major revenue driver for Snapchat, which had been selling ad packages starting at $225,000 and rising to $5 million.

Press: "Snapchat's 42 Million NFL Viewers Were Big Part in IPO Path" via AdAge


project: league-wide site redesign

about: ui/ux design refresh for and all 32 team sites


project: season theme pitch

about: brand consistency across all properties, on any platform, on any device.

project: CTV

about: ui/ux design for apple tv, android tv, xbox one, roku.


project: NFL Now Stage

about: design explorations for NFL Now


other stuff: